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SINA Care provides real time equal primary care service access for everyone regardless of language and cultural background.


COVID-19 Test & Travel Certificate

To register and book the test please click on the bottom in below.

Sina Care medical service is now run the COVID-19 tests Antigen, LAMP,TMA, Antibody and Virus test (RT-PCR test). Sina Care will issue an official health certificate for the one with negative result and will give consultation and help about "What is the next step?" for the one that has positive result. You can find us at Public Health Agency of Sweden "Folkhälsomyndigheten" as a digital care provider at COVID-19 interested actors list. 

Sina Care is connected to the E-health authority's e-service Covidbevis. This means that your negative test for COVID-19 can be automatically stored in a Covid certificate. You can use your COVID certificate when travelling in Europe. If you have a digital mailbox, your COVID-19 certificate will also be sent to it. Read more on eHä


Doctor Consultation

It is possible to book a time or wait in drop in queue to meet general physician, psychologist and even your therapist. Just like normal doctors visit, he/she will take care of you and propose a treatment or give you the information that you are looking for, based on you or your child's needs. 


Laboratory Tests

This service will be available to you as our customer through our national medical network.

Medicine Delivery

SINA collaborate with different partners in that area and you as a SINA customer could have the home delivery service for your medicine that you bought online.

Happy PilotClients

It was nice experience to speak my native language with doctor with clear understanding of the problem and advice.

Hamza Vasquez

I am so happy that I could talk with doctor about my issues on the time that I need her without any stress of reaching out to the clinic.

Kailyn Carpenter


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Feel free to contact us for your inquiries and support questions or send an email to

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